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Local & Family Owned

R&D Metal Recycling is a full-service scrap metal buyer conveniently located less than an hour from Albany, Tallahassee, Tifton, Valdosta, and Bainbridge.

Located in Thomasville, GA, we're family owned and part of this community.


Our Experience Benefits You.

The owners of R&D Metal Recycling possess over 40 years of collective experience in the scrap metal industry. Their knowledge and experience allow R&D to pay top dollar for your scrap by utilizing a vast number of resources throughout the United States.


Maximize scrap revenue

R&D offers full service scrap purchasing for a myriad of different industries and companies. Our network allows us to offer top dollar.


Save time, work, and money

 The flexibility and mobility of our capabilities benefits your business by saving time, labor, money, and other associated headaches.

Easily track your transactions

R&D includes time & date stamped scale tickets documenting the readout of our certified scale. See exactly when the material was weighed-in, weighed-out, and what the scale readings were.


The entire process, handled for you

R&D is more than capable of handling the logistics of the entire scrap process. We are also able to dispatch labor and equipment to process scrap metal on-site.


Our Customer Service Guarantee

We believe the key to a great business is customer service.

If the proceeds are mailed via USPS, R&D guarantees payment within 10 business days. It may take up to 45-60 days to receive payment from other metal recyclers.

 If there is a large amount of scrap due to clean-up, acquisitions, or other reasons, R&D is more than capable of handling the logistics of the entire scrap process. Our fleet includes open-top and enclosed trailers, plus we can engage other trucking companies to move an abundance of scrap in very little time at no charge.

Your scrap metal problems. Solved.
Tell us about your needs today.

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